FDA Alert for Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica

The FDA is alerting pet owners and veterinarians of the potential for neurologic adverse events in dogs and cats when treated with drugs that are in the isoxazoline class. These products are FDA approved for the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations and include: Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica.

Although these products can and have been used safely in the majority of dogs and cats, pet owners should consult with their veterinarian to review their pets' medical histories and determine whether a product in the isoxazoline class is appropriate.

Symptoms to watch for include: muscle tremors, ataxia (difficulty walking), and seizures in some dogs and cats. Although most dogs and cats haven't had neurologic adverse reactions, seizures may occur in animals without prior history.

The FDA considers products in the isoxazoline class to be safe and effective for dogs and cats, but is providing this information so that pet owners and veterinarians can take it into consideration when choosing flea and tick products for their pets.


Recent media stories have raised the concern for potential health problems in dogs fed grain-free diets.  Associations between certain types of heart disease and dogs fed exclusively grain-free diets are causing veterinarians to evaluate the safety of long-term use of these types of food.   There is still a lot of information that is not yet known as to why grain-free diets may be correlated with heart problems, specifically dilated cardiomyopathy.  The fad of feeding grain-free diets emerged as a marketing strategy from pet food companies, not a veterinary recommendation.  Contrary to popular belief, food allergies are not overly common in dogs and those that do have food allergy usually react to the protein source, not the carbohydrate source in the diet.  Out of concern for our patients overall health, we recommend feeding a non grain-free diet of a reputable pet food company.  This means a pet food company that performs feeding trials, quality control, and has veterinary nutritionists on staff to assure the food is complete and balanced. 

If you have any questions or concerns about feeding your pet a grain-free diet, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you to determine the most appropriate diet for your pet.


Canine Influenza Update

We have had several inquiries about the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza.  The disease seems to occur in "pockets" around the country.  At this time, we are not experiencing any instances of disease in this area so we are not recommending vaccination.  We will continue to monitor this as it develops.  For more information, please refer to the following website link from the American Veterinary Medical Association:




Disaster Preparedness For Your Pet
Enduring disaster can be a devastating thing to experience, but there are measures that you can take to help protect your pet and identify your pet should you become separated. Please read the document below and the helpful links that it contains to provide you with valuable information to help protect your pet.
Disaster Preparedness.docx
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Does Your Pet Have Fleas??
Is your pet itching, scratching and biting at himself? Are you seeing fleas on your pet or in your home? You may be suffering from fleas. Read more about the signs of fleas on your pet and what to do about them.
Flea Control in Your Home.docx
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Is Your Pet Microchipped?
None of us wants to think about our pet companions getting lost or separated from us, but we all need to have peace of mind that should this ever happen, our pets may be returned to us safely.
Microchip Your Pet to Ensure Your Pet is[...]
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Are You Considering Purchasing Medications From An Online Veterinary Pharmacy?
If so, there are some potential hazards in doing so. Please read the attached two fliers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration addressing specific concerns about using online veterinary pharmacies and the hazards that it can pose for pet and consumer alike.
FDA Online Med Info AWARE.pdf
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