Canine Influenza Update

We have had several inquiries about the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza.  The disease seems to occur in "pockets" around the country.  At this time, we are not experiencing any instances of disease in this area so we are not recommending vaccination.  We will continue to monitor this as it develops.  For more information, please refer to the following website link from the American Veterinary Medical Association:


Disaster Preparedness For Your Pet
Enduring disaster can be a devastating thing to experience, but there are measures that you can take to help protect your pet and identify your pet should you become separated. Please read the document below and the helpful links that it contains to provide you with valuable information to help protect your pet.
Disaster Preparedness.docx
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Spring is here and summer will be sure to follow. As we climb out from a long winter’s hibernation, we need to remember that there are spring and summer hazards that our pets may encounter. Read more to keep your pets safe in the coming months.
Summer Gardening Hazards for Your[...]
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Does Your Pet Have Fleas??
Is your pet itching, scratching and biting at himself? Are you seeing fleas on your pet or in your home? You may be suffering from fleas. Read more about the signs of fleas on your pet and what to do about them.
Flea Control in Your Home.docx
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Is Your Pet Microchipped?
None of us wants to think about our pet companions getting lost or separated from us, but we all need to have peace of mind that should this ever happen, our pets may be returned to us safely.
Microchip Your Pet to Ensure Your Pet is[...]
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Are You Considering Purchasing Medications From An Online Veterinary Pharmacy?
If so, there are some potential hazards in doing so. Please read the attached two fliers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration addressing specific concerns about using online veterinary pharmacies and the hazards that it can pose for pet and consumer alike.
FDA Online Med Info AWARE.pdf
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FDA Online Website Warnings 8-20-15.pdf
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